Comfortable with being uncomfortable

Today marks 5 years of full time entrepreneurship! This might sound like the perfect time to say, ‘where did the time go?’. I’ve been able to be with my family, and live out so many dreams, all while building a non-traditional business. God showed me His calling on my life to mentor others to see their true potential & little by little, He has entrusted me with more.

I’m learning to be comfortable being uncomfortable and to embrace the setbacks just as much as the accomplishments. That’s where we grow.

The accomplishment of hitting the highest rank in the company and earning over a million dollars in a direct sales business is something I’m beyond grateful for but, it wasn’t about celebrating a title, or money for me. It has truly broken a mold, God has rewired my thoughts. It’s taught me to pray bold & showed me what VISION put into action looks like. It pushes me to help others build their business, to leverage their dreams, and other businesses like it has done for me. Im thankful God used an industry that I had said I’d never be apart of to humble me, grow me, and expand my vision- for aligning me with a company that teaches us to not settle and puts God first.

One of the biggest things I’ve learned is that you’ve got to give yourself permission to make mistakes. Mindset is everything and most entrepreneurs would agree that going through a “funk” is a mindset issue not a business one. When I have found myself discouraged about not making a big enough impact, not feeling like I’m doing enough, or thinking I’m back at square one, 100% of the time it’s because my mind is not aligned with TRUTH.

The online distraction trap is so easy to fall into. That’s where the “am I enough” lie creeps in. Social media has grown tremendously over the last 5 years. Now there are ads repeatedly in newsfeeds enticing to ‘click here’ to become a 6-figure earner, perfectly successful photoshopped profiles & people pretending success is easy. If you’ve been working your business and not yet 6 figured, that could be discouraging. I’m a work in progress but one big tip I can give that keeps me in my lane is being able to celebrate others accomplishments without comparing them to my own. We’ve got to learn to find WINS in others!

We are never ever back at square one. I’ve had seasons where it has felt like I’m on top of the world and others where it feels like Im back where I was. But the truth is that you’re usually way ahead from where you think you are. You have experience & wisdom under your belt and that’s something nobody can take.

Take time to celebrate what you have accomplished, where you are today and how many people will be impacted if you are walking in your calling on purpose.

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